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BBQ Pitmasters Season 5 Now Casting!

BBQ Pitmasters Season 5 Now Casting!

Please note the new deadline: December 29th 2013! Don’t wait till then- get those videos in well before the deadline!


2 comments on “BBQ Pitmasters Season 5 Now Casting!

  1. Brian Small
    December 5, 2013

    – Videos should be between 3-5 minutes, but thats a loose guideline- if you can convince me that you cannot be beat in the pit in 2mins 30 secs, fantastic. If you wanted to go on up to 7mins because you felt you needed to include a choreographed interpretive dance, by all means…

    – Have someone else film you and your partner- yes, it is possible to flip the camera, but it’s kind of distracting to watch and you wanna look your best without making our viewer seasick. If you are crafty but no one is around to help you, you can always prop up the phone, hit record, and run around front to start the show- we wanna see you from at least waist-up. You can be seated, standing, walking around, but make sure if your mouth is yapping, that it’s pointed at the camera.

    – If you are shooting indoors, beware of the light- it should not come from behind you because then your face would be in shadows, and we wanna see them big gorgeous eyes! Try and judge which direction the best light is coming from and face in that direction.

    – If you can’t think of what to say, here’s some stuff that will help us get to know you: What’s your BBQ History? When, why, how did you start? Tell me about your team- who is the pitmaster? How did you arrive at the team name? What are you known for? What are your proudest accomplishments? Most importantly? Why are you the ones to beat? This is not the place to be modest- what edge do you have over other pitmasters? Why are you going to win $50K?!?!

    – Feel free to show us things like your smoker, your trophy collection, your restaurant, a delicious sample of your work!

    l – DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE if you don’t absolutely have to. The network is anxious to see as many great options as soon as possible! The deadline is Dec 29th 2013 but you can knock this out in a few hours and it’s best to make an impression early!

    – When you upload to YouTube, check the privacy settings- I recommend setting it to “unlisted”- that way no one can find it online except people with the link. Do not set it to private, because then only the poster (you) can view it, even if you send the link. You are welcome to keep it “public”, just be advised that it will come up in searches.

  2. Brian Small
    December 11, 2013

    Found a few helpful tutorials if you are a little worried about creating a video- these days, if you have an iPhone, you are practically Universal Studios… check these out:
    Wiki How:

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