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History Channel is casting several small roles for a documentary about the history of everyday things*. The project is non-union and there is a $100 stipend for your participation if selected. Please see the brief breakdowns of roles needed below. To be considered, please email me at with the name of the role in CAPS as the subject line. Please send both a headshot and a recent non-professional picture so we can see your current look/hair. Make sure you provide a phone number to reach you. Auditions held Weds, 6/22 in Times Sq. There are two types of roles-

DRAMATIC ROLES – These will shoot in New Jersey (TBD) for a few hours per scene sometime in the week of 6/27 and 7/1. These are short scenes with little or no dialogue so actors who can improv and pantomime are best!

MYSTERIOUS WOMAN – 30’s – Kind of an Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction type, perhaps with longer hair. Willowy figure, able to cast an evil glare!

JEFF – Average looking guy to play ‘best friend’ character. Late 20’s-early 30’s, all races. Average height, average build, cute, but not drop dead handsome. Must know how to play pool

LUCY THE FLIRTY BLOND WOMAN – Attractive woman in her 30’s with blond hair who can be flirty and sexy.

JANE THE SEDUCTIVE ASIAN WOMAN – Attractive Asian woman in her 30’s who can be seductive and flirty.

CUTE GIRLS – 20’s-30’s, all races for various scenes, several roles- could be a shopping woman, a single babe who is the object of flirtation, again, there are several roles for this!. (We also have one role for a cute woman with a small cute dog- Frenchie, Boston Terrier, Yorkie, etc. so if you have a little canine actor friend you can bring along, please note in your email and send a picture of the little fella as well).

BULLY – Male in his 30’s race open, big (6’2″ and up is good!), tough, burly with a mean looking face.

BLUE COLLAR WORKERS – Males, 35+ who can play a slightly comical character carrying a ladder- pretty simple!

DISGRUNTLED PICK-UP TRUCK DRIVER – We are looking for a man who has a pick-up truck and can be disgruntled- pretty easy.

RECREATION SCENES – These will shoot in a Brooklyn Studio for a few hours per scene sometime in the week of 7/5-7/9. For the recreations, we will be shooting in full costume against a green screen, and the actors will not move, the camera will! Must be able to hold strong poses and facial expressions for several minutes.

ENGLISH PEASANTS – Early 1800’S – Males and Females, 30+ of all body types and great expressive, perhaps ugly faces to play peasants. This segment is about the early days of sewage! Should be able to make good ‘gross-out’ faces. Think Dickens or Victor Hugo lower-class characters.

TEEN BOYS – 1700’s- Need Males, age 14-18 with shaggy or long hair. Youthful face who looke like they could be from England.

SHADOWY FIGURE – A tall, slender male figure who would make for a menacing silhouette- age/race open, but height at least 6’3″

MYSTERIOUS FRENCHMEN – Tall thin male with prominent nose, age 30’s-40’s. This character is from the 16oo’s Should be able to look mysterious and shifty!

GOVERNOR – 1700’s – Male – 40’s+ – rotund, dark or greying hair and beard, goofy oblivious expression.

GOVERNOR’S WIFE – 1700’s – Female, late 30’s-40’s, long hair, buxom, regal snooty face

SHAMMAT – female, late 20’s-30’s, a Middle Eastern Seductress, long dark hair and a seductive look! Please note this scene would include TASTEFUL partial nudity- on camera, you would only show you bare back, but you would be topless on set.

*I am also casting a documentary about the history of cocaine- it is a dicey subject matter but I may need some extras for this as well. please email separately if interested in this project with COCAINE in the subject of your email.


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