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New York City – Actors for Re-creations for History Channel Documentary Based TV Series!

The History Channel is seeking actors of all ages, races, and gender for small, non-speaking roles in re-creations for an exciting documentary TV show. Must have strong abilities in expressive acting, realistic pantomime, etc. This project is non-union and will air on a popular major cable network. There is a small stipend for participation and this is a fabulous resume builder!

Please see the list below of potential characters- if you think you are ideal for one in particular, let us know- BUT if you do not see one that fits you, definitely apply anyway, as the script is still developing and new roles pop up by the hour!

To be considered, please email Brian at and send both a headshot and a current, non-professional picture that shows your current hairstyle. Please also send a resume with complete contact information. If you seem like a match, we will contact you and arrange a quick photo-test at our offices in SoHo!

English Soldier – (1800’s)

18th century French Naval officer

Two blond hikers (1980’s)

Edward Scarlett, an optician, thing bald man in his 50’s (1700’s)

Haughty elderly man of military bearing (1800’s)

Edward Kelley, a man with a long, dark forked beard (1500’s)

Victorian Woman (30’s-40’s)

Al Jazari (Ancient Arabic Man)

2 servant girls (1700’s)

Dirty looking boys (1700’s)

Tipsy middle-aged businessman (1800’s)

A Thug (1800’s)

Parisian Boy (1800’s)

Cavemen and Cavewomen

Funeral director


Eleanor Markham, a victorian woman in her 50’s

Miscellaneous castings: Early Man/Woman, Civil War era Men, Georgian Era Men and Women, Spaniards from the 1400’s-1600’s, Mediaval Knights, Roman soldiers, Ancient Hindu Men/Women, Modern day Men/Women/Teenagers.



2 comments on “New York City – Actors for Re-creations for History Channel Documentary Based TV Series!

  1. A.J Roberts
    May 18, 2011

    I think I fit the “thug” from the 1800 and misc civil war guy. I have tons of uniforms and civilian gear for this time period. Not to mention I have worked for your company many times in the past, and look forward to doing so again.
    Please feel free to look at my website or call me @
    (804)986-7917 if you have any questions. i didnt see where to attach a head shot or a copy of my resume however you can find both on my website.
    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!
    A.J Roberts

  2. Mohammed S
    May 18, 2011

    Hi i think i could fit with he roles of the thug and the boys , im 18 and have worked with acting for a long time , please contact me at 6465958793 thank you.

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