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Casting Consulting – Site Coming Soon


Departure Films and HGTV Networks are seeking masters of home design and renovation for a new series. We are looking for the ultimate expert, with an encyclopedic knowledge of design, renovation, and restoration. This person should have expertise in the range of fields involved with the home- architecture, construction, and design of interiors and exteriors. A knowledge of what is current as well as historical roots of the various design, construction, and renovation.

We are looking for experts who not only know their stuff, but who are entertaining, quirky, witty or over the top. This expert must have a likeable, accessible personality and able to not only speak about the various design and reno elements, but demonstrate them. Seeking people with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, construction, et al. This could be one person, a team or partnership, or a business, but all must have personalities that viewers will want to return to see episode after episode.

The series will focus on this design guru leading the viewer through various projects they undertake. This could include demonstrations of new and/or historical technique demonstrated in a studio, actual projects happening on site, or comparing several techniques at once to determine which is the most practical, stylish, green, or unusual! This person should be able to demonstrate these techniques on their own, or have a rolodex of experts that they could consult to complete the demonstration.

If this sounds like you, please send an email with “Design Expert” and your name in the subject line to  Send a few pictures, links, etc., and tell us why you are the one to feature on TV.


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