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Seeking WOMEN ages 20-34 (flexible) who live outside Manhattan but work in the city for a REALITY TV PILOT.

Are you a small-town, ambitious type working in the city and climbing up that corporate ladder? Is your sleepy home-town life a sharp contrast to your nine-to-five job in the chaos of Manhattan’s corporate jungle? Do you live a double life- your friends and family at home have no clue what you do or how hard you work when you walk out that door for your morning commute? We want to hear your story!
We are open to all types, but we are specifically looking to find people who had to start at the bottom and are currently working their way up! You must live a commutable distance to the city (80 minute commute tops) and have a job in an office setting. Ideally you are the first in your family or among your friends who is really making it. We are looking for big personalities who won’t hold back in the moment.
The people behind Who’s Wedding is it Anyway, Mystery Diagnosis and Real Housewives of DC are casting an exciting new pilot project for a major network and are seeking great personalities to be considered.
Our audience should want to root for you as you battle the trials of a brutal corporate world or face drama in your home and personal life.
We are looking to cast several women, and ideally some might know each other, so if you have friends in the same boat, we’d like to know about them too!
If this is you, please email a brief description of yourself and a recent picture to and request our casting questionnaire. If you seem like a match, we will set up a phone interview and take it from there!


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